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A coffee with…

Rod Grieve - Agricultural Consultant

Dot Ruck and Diana Currie recently caught up with Rod at The Store in Albany for a coffee and a chat.

Tell us your story

Rod was born in and attended school in country NSW. Rod attended an Ag high school and in 1986, completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at University of NSW. In 1987 Rod jumped at a role which became available at the WA Agriculture Department in Perth and he commenced his journey to fulfil a dream of becoming an Independent Agricultural Consultant.

In 1994, Rod joined a former colleague, Ian Evans, and together they developed their Ag consulting business within the Great Southern District.

Arbitrager - what is this all about?

Rod has developed some of his successful business around the brand. He explained how he developed the Wheat Load Arbitrager program, which is a specialised computer application designed to maximise harvest returns by identifying the highest price for each load of wheat. It works as an add-on to Excel, with the program identifying spreads of quality.  Wow, we were impressed!

Check out Rod’s website for more: And while you are there, enjoy the magnificent photographic journey showcasing the Great Southern.

The industry - what now?

In our chat, Rod reflected on the changes in the industry he has witnessed over the past 25 years. These include a deregulated grain market, a shift to very large land holdings by fewer farmers resulting in a reduced client base, and of course the technological and scientific changes facing farmers and their advisors. While these pose challenges, Rod was most enthusiastic about the future for farming and Agriculture generally as a career option for young people.

The agricultural industry has become more specialised around grain markets and the worldwide demand for sustainable food. Farmers need agronomic assistance on many levels and there are always issues and challenges around succession planning. Rod sees this as a growing part of his business.

The Future?

Rod’s worldview was expanded further recently following a trip to China and Vietnam. He recounted the astonishing rate at which China is growing and consuming together with the enormous opportunities for the beef, wine and barley markets, particularly in Western Australia, due to its proximity.

Rod gave the example of organisations such as Heineken (Vietnam) and CBH, committing to joint ventures to supply barley for onshore beer production in China and Vietnam. There are unlimited possibilities for Australian farmers to tap into these markets. The trip was a great voyage of discovery!

And what of your spare time?

Rod admitted to a few great passions in his life - his wife Jacqui and two grown up children. The eldest a nurse and other completing studies at UWA in Perth.

Rod’s other passion is as an appreciator of good red wine, his favourites are from the Great Southern and the Barossa Valley. Rod admitted he has an App on his phone, whereby scanning the barcode informs when to drink, shelf life and food pairing. Who knew there was such an app!

Rod keeps fit and youthful as an active member of the Albany Cycle Club and has enjoyed numerous overseas cycling trips with Jacqui. In 2017 they cycled from Prague to Budapest (900kms). In 2016 from Chang Mai to Vientiane, the capital of Laos (700kms) and in 2015 they rode from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City via Cambodia (around 1,000km).

Rod also loves camping and considers himself an “innercity greeny” as he rides his bike to work most days.

What about tomorrow?

Rod sees the agricultural industry as providing many exciting opportunities for someone prepared to work hard to develop their niche, combined with a strong work ethic, living in the pristine area of Albany and surrounds.


Call Rod Grieve on 0428 421 267 to talk further about how he can help your business grow and thrive.


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