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A day in the life of ...

By Skye Dekker

Are you or someone you know completing Year 12 at the end of this year and want to find a full-time job next year before commencing studies at TAFE or Uni? Lincolns is the place to apply and here are the reasons why!

This is my story…

Start looking early

While completing my ATAR studies at NASHS last year I was already looking for places to apply for a job for my gap year. If you are certain about the decision to have a gap year it is important to start this process early. This is because in a place like Albany there are so many students leaving year 12 who are competing for a limited number of full-time jobs.

After hearing about the job through school and friends, I handed in my resume at Lincolns. I was then required to attend an interview towards the end of November when all the ATAR exams were complete. This interview was with the Office Manager of Lincolns, Jenni Leonard. When all the applicants had, had their interview, I was notified whether I had made it to the second round of interviews. In this case I had, and a week or so later I attended a second interview with Jenni, one of the partners and the former Gap Year student. For anyone, this interview process is a good experience for future reference. If I can give advice to anyone going in it would be to ‘just be yourself!’

The nerve racking wait began as I waited for a phone call to hear back whether I had received the position at Lincolns or not. I did and after going through the process of two interviews, I began my job here in mid-January and have never looked back.

My gap year at Lincolns

This job is no boring office job! One thing that makes each day enjoyable is that there’s always something different to do. From start to finish my day can include registering the incoming and outgoing mail, doing the weekly shopping for fruit and milk, scanning, organising birthday morning teas and sending emails. Most importantly, I love helping anyone in the workplace and seeing them smile! The tasks have all helped me to develop different skills suitable for many workplaces.

Not only that, but Lincolns is a great place to help anyone transition from high school to entering the workplace. Throughout the year I have seen a development in my own self-confidence and a growth in relationships that has taught me lessons for my entire life. Working with over 40 people every day can be a daunting thought but not here – everyone is friendly, genuinely caring and it has been a pleasure to be a part of the team for the past eight months. You get this far and the people at work become family.

All that said, this job is not for everyone. As the Gap Year student, you must be prepared to come into a professional workplace and work to the best of your ability. This means coming to work in a professional manner and showing respect to all work colleagues and clients. Some of the skills that are required for this role include accurate typing and data entry skills, effective time management and attention to detail. It is also your duty to ensure that the kitchen always is maintained and kept tidy. All tasks that you complete must be accurate and timely as you are representing a part of a large workplace.

Lincolns also gives the Gap Year student the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Business. I took up this offer and have enjoyed learning more about being a worker in an office. I have been given time during work hours to work on each unit as well as being able to ask questions along the way. Partaking in this study has also helped to keep my mind in a little bit of a ‘study-mode’ which many former Year 12 students lose and then don’t end up returning to studying.

The social side

Outside of work, the Lincolns team is also involved in many social events. This is the highlight of many Gap Year students, as it has been mine. This year the social club has organised a movie night at the office, sailing, a black-tie wine tasting night at Dylans and many more fun events. These are a great way to get to know more people and to help everyone to learn more about you!

What I’ve learned

Apart from the role that I play at Lincolns, throughout the year I have learnt a lot about what accountants do and what Lincolns is all about. Before applying for the job, I highly recommend having a look at the Lincolns website to get a feel for the job and know what kind of workplace you are applying to work at.

Don't let the fact that Lincolns is an accounting firm put you off applying.  Whether you are interested in studying accounting after your gap year or not, this job is one where you will get a great life experience.  I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the accountants, helping them out and doing some work for them.  This has been an interesting part of my year.  It has not only taught me about accounting but has given me skills that I can take with me in whatever field of work I enter.

How to apply

Applications are now open for our 2019 Gap Year opportunity.  For more information on the role and how to apply, see our Careers page.

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