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Handasyde Strawberries

Handasyde Strawberries

Handasyde Strawberries is a family business run by Neil and Lyn Handasyde that started in 1991 on a 36Ha property in King River.  We married in 2002 and have 12 children between us.

Our aim has always been to supply quality organic, fresh and divine tasting produce.

The business’ main production has been strawberries, favouring our popular and much-loved Albion and San Andreas variety.

In 2006, Organics were started on the farm as we were eating organically.  We have recently introduced organic raspberries, blueberries, youngberries, lemons, limes, passionfruit and avocados.  In the last few years we have started raising 400 free range organic chickens to supply eggs and organic pigs for pork locally.

We now have more than half of the farm as certified organic with NASAA.  This is done by having clear processes and buffers of trees growing on all the high land to eliminate contamination.  In the future we plan to have the entire farm certified but the certification process takes four years, so this will take time.

We have learnt more about growing plants in the last 10 years than all of 25 years we have been farming in Albany!

Our farm season runs from September to May.  We have up to 60 employees in the peak season to cope with our high demand for perishable fruit.

We supply our fruit locally to businesses and interstate direct to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.  Our interstate fruit is handled in Perth through a market agent in Canningvale.  We also have a small on-farm shop selling all farm produce until the end of April.

In January 2015, we decided to take part at the Albany Farmers Market opening up a stall on Saturdays selling organic fruit from September until the end of May.


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