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LINCOLNS understands farmers. Lincolns’ partners Craig and Brendan grew up on farms in the Wheatbelt, while Gary was raised in Katanning and Russell in Narrikup. We understand the unique nature of farming businesses, the attachment to land and the desire to keep the farm in the family. We also understand the stresses and the reliance on factors outside producers’ control, including weather, prices, disease, pests and economics. We understand the conflicts of decision-making, including production efficiencies and getting more out of what you have versus getting bigger. Concessions available to primary producers including tax averaging, farm management deposits, landcare concessions, minimum tillage rebates, diesel rebates and water conservation rebates are all investigated to make sure you have access. Our close working relationship with farm consultants means that we apply the ‘two heads are better than one’ philosophy to getting the desired results. We conduct family meetings to promote smooth farm succession. We care about the Industry, believe in its strong future and keep ourselves up-to-date with the changes that will test the industry in the future.

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