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Financial Management

Debtors Collection System

We consider debtors “your money in someone else’s pockets” and we have developed an excellent tried and tested debtors collection system that we would love to share with you. We have trialed it with numerous clients and they have had excellent results in the past.

Negotiation with Banks

Once you have locked in your finance package it is okay to get on with business and leave that in the background, right? Wrong!

Businesses and banks are dynamic and operate in a very dynamic economy. Reviewing your funding requirements, your present costs and current financial market offerings on an annual basis is the best way of ensuring you are getting maximum benefit and minimum cost from your lender.

We are very experienced with bank negotiations and are prepared to ask the hard questions and negotiate the best outcome from your bank.

Hire Purchase and Chattels Mortgage (Equipment Finance)

There are many different methods to finance your equipment requirements. Hire Purchase, Lease and Equipment Line of Credits are the most common. All have their own unique taxation, GST and cashflow features. We can help choose the optimum for your business needs.


Are you ready to shop around for a better deal at another bank? Our network and relationship with all the local and regional bank managers enables us to introduce you to the bank that is appropriate for your particular needs.