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Lincolns Team News

Welcome to the Lincolns Team

Everyone who visits this website now has the opportunity to keep up to date with Lincolns team news, including photographs, so that you can enjoy and share our events.

We are also occasionally displaying interesting images provided by our clients. You can view the images from our team and clients using the link below.

This page is updated on a monthly basis.

Please take the time to enjoy this page and feel free to provide feedback.


Congrats to Dot Ruck

Dot celebrates 20 years at Lincolns!


Congrats to Chris Martain

Chris Martain celebrates 15 years at Lincolns!


Farewell to Sheila Murray

The team said good bye to Sheila Murray with a nature walk on Mt Melville.


Sleep out in the town square

Five hardy Lincolns women slept out in the freezing cold in the town square to raise money for the homeless.

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