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Retirement and Estate Planning

True North Analysis of Financial Requirements

All licensed and trained to use the highly complex planning tool to determine “how much is enough”? Detailed analysis of your current position, future Earnings capacity, investments and superannuation combined to determine your pre-retirement savings and post retirement cost of living. This is a probability based calculation taking into account fluctuations in investment earnings. We aim to provide solid directions for you as an important step prior to seeking professional financial planning advice.

Estate Planning

We are highly experienced in assisting you to analyse, anticipate and arrange for the distribution of your estate assets. This planning includes a thorough analysis of the taxation consequences of different alternatives. Our service extends to meeting with you and your lawyers to advise regarding the drafting of your Wills.

Centrelink Applications and Pensions

Let us review the Centrelink implications of your financial decisions. We will help you maximise your benefits now and into the future, we even assist you with completion of applications.

Farm Transfers

One of the biggest issues facing farmers is being able to hand over the farm to the next generation. We can arrange for you to to become eligible to transfer your farm to your children without paying Transfer Duty.

In addition we can help you plan to make sure there is no Capital Gains Tax on that transfer of farmland.